Saturday, June 4, 2011

Star Bright Future

So alot has developed since my last entry...I finally found the courage & the time to get up on stage & do what I do. I finally found my niche. It is what I love doing! This gives me a sense of self assurance that is almost unexplainable. For the longest time I felt like I was lost, like I was alive but not truly living my life with purpose. I was overcome with this surety about what it is I'm suppose to be doing, or at least try to do! Stand up comedy gives me the self confidence & optimism to want to be who I always knew I was.
I must admit though, I really am not putting my name out there the way I could, & probably should. I guess it's all about timing & networking in this case.
Several times I have been called a "Dreamer"...& quite honestly I have never thought of myself as anything else. I have always had big dreams! But still have yet to go for any of them. I am who I am, I must constantly keep reminding myself of that!
I will stay focused on my goal & still be the best mother I can be. I have faith that this will all be in anticipation of my life success. Most importantly " I believe in myself".